Jan Offers Workshops & Seminars in the Following Topics

Online Dating


With today’s advanced technology this is an exciting way to find the love of your life. Learn more about online dating by following tips and advice in my book. Purchase it now here.



Are you in a job you don’t like and want to change? I’ll help you get unstuck and into your desired field, enjoying the job you always wanted. 

Stress Management


Are you so stressed that you can’t think and don’t know where to turn? I’ll help you find clarity and balance for a better future. 



Are you unhappy in your current relationship and are heading for a separation or divorce? I will assist you in what to do, provide advice whether to stay or leave and how to work through it either way. 

Self Confidence


Eliminate your self doubt and ability to take action. We will analyze what is the source of your negative thoughts and put you in a plan to like yourself, focus on positive features and eliminate the obstacles to regain your confidence. 



 How do you get over a divorce? It is a very difficult event, emotionally driven and draining. Learn how to cope, tame the emotions and redirect your life in a positive manner. I will help you create an exciting future that is productive and rewarding.  

Positive Habits


Positive habits run your life. Develop techniques that will move you forward, create and enhance your quality of life. Turn those negative thoughts that have overtaken you into energy that will propel you forward. 

Loneliness vs. Being Alone


Overcome the fear of getting out there and raise your self confidence with tips and advice that will provide the skills to enjoy a more fulfilling life. It’s not just taking advice to “get out there”, it’s obtaining the method to go forward into a different world. 

Handling Death of a Loved One


Losing a loved one is the most devastating occurrence in your life. Obtain advice and skills to pull yourself up. Face the world in a whole new light and move forward to start again with a better future. 



Entering the world as an entrepreneur is scary but exciting. Launching a new endeavor is high stakes. Learn the skills to assess the project, recognize the steps to achieving your goals and put into plan the necessary elements to be successful. 

  • Personal direction and achieving goals.
  • Guidance in dating and relationships.
  • Obtaining life skills to find your career path or job change.


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